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Signature Cigars carries these and other fine cigar brands. To place an order, or to request more information, call us at (301) 424-8833 or (202) 822-1380.

Premium cigars are one of those unique commodities which lend themselves to almost any occasion. No matter what you are doing or where you are, there exists a cigar to augment the moment, making it both more pleasant and memorable.

While celebrating any accomplishment with friends or associates, to serve a moment of meditative introspection, a cigar provides a complement to the experience, matching either its extravagance or subtlety. Each brand's Master Blender pours his entire being into a unique blend of tobaccos, which, like a fine wine or scotch, reflects the climate, geography and culture surrounding its origins.

At Signature Cigars, we carry an extensive inventory of the finest premium labels, commensurate to your individual preferences, and complimented by a courteous and friendly staff with the ability and willingness to make a recommendation suiting your taste. We encourage you to visit and browse our humidor.


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